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uPVC double glazing is still the most popular choice for replacement windows in the UK. Page 14All of our casement windows are manufactured and customised to the specific requirements of all our customers, so if you are looking to buy the windows on a supply only basis orneed a fully fitted service then we can help.

Casement windows represent great long lasting value for the home. Virtually maintenance free, quiet and extremely secure . The advances in technology now mean uPVC casement windows can be seamlessly sealed and developed to achieve “A” Rated window energy ratings ensuring your home retains heat, while adding value to the property. New techniques allow you to personalize your casement window in a variety of colour options that are guaranteed for 10 years as standard

Available in our standard colours of White, Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood as well as Oak, Mahogany, Rosewood on White we can provide exactly what you are looking for. We now also over a uPVC colouring service where we can have the windows sprayed in any colour that you choose (ie.Red, Blue etc…)

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Add more character to your home”

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Imagine your home with windows that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful – and as elegant as
they are energy e#cient. By replacing your existing windows with our PVC-U windows, you’ll make10
your favourite place quieter, safer and more secure.

But that’s just the beginning, when you’re at home you’ll see the difference with new windows that are the perfect colour match for your house, whether they are in White, woodgrain, Antique Oak, Cream, Rustic Cherry or one of our 10 other Artisan colour options. You’ll sense the difference too, because our windows come with a Green Guide A rating, so they’ll help to shrink your energy bills. This warm feeling will last as long as your new windows. Throughout their long lifespan, they’ll remain as virtually maintenance-free, efficient and attractive as they were on day one. So by replacing your windows you could add more value to your home.

Why not make your favourite place in the world even more special?


Making a change to your home?

No doubt you are seeking the highest standard of quality for your new PVC-U windows and doors.Page 7a

So are the experts. Our windows have achieved accreditation from the British Board of Agrément,
the organisation that decides which building products are fit for purpose.

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You can’t put a price on security

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You could count the cost of not choosing the most secure replacement windows and doors.Page 6a
Not every replacement window system comes with the BS 7950 standard to demonstrate a superior security performance. Not all replacement doors come with PAS 24 accreditation for enhancing the security of your home. Not every replacement door comes with an optional upgrade to Police approved “Secured by Design” locking technology. Ours do.

We aim to make secure mean more.


Colour Options

To create added impact with your replacement windows and doors, just add a splash of colour!

In addition to White, we offer three
woodgrain shades with our windows
and doors – elegant Mahogany, warm
Golden Oak and gorgeous Cherrywood.Expressing yourself with these colours isn’t
limited to just one selection. For example
you can specify White on the inside and your
woodgrain colour of choice on the outside.
So your PVC-U windows and doors will look
great from every angle.All of our colour options deliver the practical
advantages of PVC-U windows – energy
efficiency, security and low maintenance.
Artisan woodgrain collection
Want to live life in full colour? Now you can do
exactly that, with a bigger choice of colours for
your replacement windows and doors.13 eye-catching Artisan shades are available,
gorgeous, striking colours like Green, Grey
and Cream, or our sumptuous selection of
woodgrains such as Rustic Cherry, Irish Oak,
AnTeak and Antique Oak. You decide.
Our woodgrain finishes are so fine that it’s
almost impossible to distinguish them from
the real thing!
Specify dual colour if you want to enjoy the
brightness of white on the inside frame faces
and a striking colour finish on the outside.
Alternatively for added impact, bring the
colour indoors by opting for your chosen
colour on both sides.Our Artisan range really lets you make a
design statement. Coupled with all the
long-lasting quality and exceptional security
of PVC-U windows and doors, it’s proof that
quality and beauty belong together.


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Energy Efficiency

Exceptional performance that’s good news for the planet – and for your pocket.

Turn your home into a lean green energy-saving machine, by installing our PVC-U windows and doors.
We can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills in lots of clever ways.

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Top environmental credentials
Our products come top of the class when
it comes to environmental credentials.
They have been awarded an energy rating
of up to A+ and are made of a material that’s
achieved a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating
Council) Green Guide A rating.But there’s even more. Our products are
designed to provide excellent U-value ratings
for their e!ciency at keeping the heat in your
home – and the very best levels of Window
Energy Rating (WER).
Planet-friendly features
Our products are packed full of clever features
like plastic thermal reinforcements made from
100% recycled material to keep in more heat,
to advanced glass that can re#ect heat back
into your home and capture free heat from
the sun through solar gain. Most importantly,
our products are also designed so that they
can be collected and recycled back into new
PVC-U products.
Turning things around
Rising energy costs, cold homes, global warming,
we’re helping to address these important issues.
Our windows cleverly include some non-visible
recycled PVC-U window content, such as the
reinforcement bars that are $tted inside the
opening frame pro$les to provide added strength
and thermal e!ciency. Unlike some other options
out there, our PVC-U windows can be recycled up
to 10 times with a total lifespan of 400 years!


Hardware Options

It’s the little things that matter in life.

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We o%er an extensive choice of operating hardware for your replacement windows and doors.
These practical $ne details that can make all the di/erence between a nice change to your home,
and a truly stunning one.

With hardware options in Gold, White or Chrome finishes, you’ll find exactly the right match for
your particular taste and preferred style. Choose easy-to-use locking mechanisms that feel just right.
Get your hands on our shapely window and door handles that will $nish your home to perfection.

Choose the perfect hardware to add the finishing touch

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