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Professionally Installed Windows – Fitted uPVC Window Offers – Customised Pricing – Minimum of 5 Windows or Doors

Professionally installed new double glazed windows supplied fitted and guaranteed at rock bottom prices. View the offers we have listed here or you can customize your windows to fall in line with the offers shown. Once you worked out your price, if you wish you can give us a
call on 0800 567 7419 to confirm the price YOU have worked out.

There is no hard sell so you don’t have to give any information about yourself on the telephone, not even your name if you don’t want to.  It is only at the point where you would like to proceed that we will require your details. What could be easier?

If you have any problems or queries when working your price out, just give us a call , and we will be only to happy to help.

If you are looking to add a new door to your new windows we have several offers on new front and back doors. Click here to view our door offers

Fitted Window offer 1


Style 18 Style 62 Style 17
 Kitchen Lounge Bedroom 2
     (1 Opening Vent + 1 Fixed Pane) (2 Opening Vents & 1 Fixed Pane) (1 Opening Vent + 1 Fixed Pane)
1200mm Wide 1800mm Wide 1200mm Wide
1050mm High 1200mm High  1050mm High


Style 1 Style 36 Style 6 Style 1
 Lounge  Bedroom 1  Bathroom Kitchen
 (1 Fixed Pane)  (2 Opening Vents
+ 1 Fixed Pane)
 (1 Opening Vent
+ 1 Fixed Pane)
 (1 Fixed Pane)
  500mm Wide 1200mm Wide 1050mm Wide   500mm Wide
 1125mm High  1200mm High  1100mm High  1125mm High


  • White 70mm PVCu Casement Windows
  • Internally Glazed For Maximum Security
  • All opening Vents with Shootbolt Locking
  • 28mm Clear Glass Sealed Unit Double Glazing to WER (Window Energy Rating) ‘A’
  • Safety Egress Hinges to all Bedroom Windows
  • White Push to release Key Locking Handles
  • Supplied and Fully Fitted
  • Opening Vents and Fixed Panes can be distributed however you wish (as in example above)
  • See Offer Guidance (Below) to Customize and Design Your Windows to Suit



7 Window offer is based on the following;

  • White casement windows
  • Total window area allowed within offer is 8.4 Square Metres
  • Total opening vents for this offer is seven
  • Total fixed panes for this offer is seven
  • Windows can be designed to your own specification within these parameters
  • Window designs and sizes can be customized in line with this offer



Minimum of 5 units – A unit can be a window, a door, french doors or patio doors

Windows Only

Step 1. Design and measure each window you want replaced. (see note 1 below)

Step 2. Add together the total number of windows and then multiply by £285 to get base cost

Step 3. Multiply total number of windows by 1.2 square metres to achieve area allowance in offer

Step 4. Multiply the width and height of each window to get the window area (see note 2 below)

Step 5. Add the window areas together. If total exceeds allowance as in step 3 multiply difference by £75 and add

Step 6. Allowance for opening vents is one per window. Add £60 for each additional opening vent (see note 3)

Step 7. Allowance for fixed panes is one per window. Add £17 for each additional fixed pane (see note 3 below)

Step 8. Add extras if required from extras list. Add together to achieve fitted price including vat


  • £75 per square metre where allowance is exceeded (1.2 sqm per window)
  • £60 for each extra opening vent over and above allowance of 1 per window
  • £17 for each extra fixed pane over and above allowance of 1 per window
  • £20 per square metre for obscure glass
  • £30 per square metre for toughened glass
  • £40 per square metre for feature diamond and square lead design
  • £40 per square metre for feature white georgian grille design
  • £5 each for gold, chrome and brushed steel window handles
  • £18 each for trickle vents. You can choose to have installed to opening vents or to the window head

Add 35% to the finished price in white, for woodgrain and rosewood finish to frames
For bay windows call us on 0800 567 7419 and we will tell you how to price (email photo if unsure)
If you are thinking of having a bow bay installed call us on 0800 567  7419 for advice
If you have period sliding sash windows call us on 0800 567 7419 for advice
For any questions on anything to do with this offer either call on 0800 567 7419
If you would prefer to email to contact us through our contact page or through


Below is an example of 6 windows you may wish to have replaced  (all sizes in millimetres)

Style 62 Style 6 Style 91 Style 1 Style 36 Style 57
Bedroom Bathroom  Lounge Larder  Kitchen  Dining Room
 1\800 Wide  1050 Wide  2100 Wide  600 Wide  1200 Wide 1800 Wide
 1050 High 1050 High  1200 High 1050 High  1050 High 1200 High


 Summary of windows

6 Windows
9 Opening Vents
7 Fixed Panes
The bathroom and larder have obscure glass, to be priced from the extras list

Step 1. We have achieved by designing and measuring the windows as shown in the example
Step 2. Six Windows at £285 per window gives a base cost of £1,710
Step 3. Multiply the total number of windows by 1.2sqm for offer area allowance. 6 x 1.2  =  7.2 square metres
Step 4. Multiply the width and height of each window to get total sqm area (window area)
a) Bedroom 1: 1800mm (1.80m) wide x 1050mm (1.05m) high = 1.89     square metres
b) Bathroom: 750mm (0.75m) wide x 1050mm (1.05m) high = 0.79     square metres
c) Lounge: 2100mm (2.10m) wide x 1200mm high (1.20m) = 2.52     square metres
d) Larder: 600mm (0.60m) wide x 1050mm high (1.05m) = 0.63     square metres
e) Kitchen: 1200mm (1.20m) wide x 1050mm high (1.05m) = 1.26     square metres
f) Dining Room: 1800mm (1.80m) wide x 1200mm high (1.20m) = 2.16     square metres     Total in Square Metres = 9.25
Step 5. Subtract allowance 7.2 sqm from combined area of 9.25sqm  = 2.05sqm @ £75 sqm extra  = £153.75
Step 6. Multiply extra number of opening vents over allowance by £60 : 9 – 6 = 3 @ £60 = £180
Step 7. Multiply extra number of fixed panes over allowance by £17 : 7 – 6 + 1 @ £17 = £17
Step 8. Multiply larder and bathroom areas by the obscure glass surcharge of £20 = £28.40


Cost of Installation

Step 2.      6 windows x £285.00 = £1,710.00
Step 5.      2.05 square metres over and above allowance at £75.00 psm = £153.75
Step 6.      3 additional opening vents @ £60.00 each = £180.00
Step 7.      1 additional fixed pane @ £17.00 = £17.00
Step 8.      Obscure glass Bathroom £15.80 and Larder £12.60 = £28.40
Total Cost: £2,089.15


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