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We offer several options when it comes to installing your new conservatory or orangery. These options in essence fall under the following categories;


This is where you would like to have the complete project undertaken by a company like ourselves where we will sit down with you and advise, plan and design your proposed project. We will take all the pressure away from you as far as liasing with the local authority regards planning and if need be building control.

Once everything is ready to go we carry out our first (building) survey for the initial building works. Once the initial building works have been completed we will carry out a second (manufacturing) survey, the upper structure will be manufactured from this survey.

After installation of the main structure we then carry out any secondary building works including electrical and plumbing first fixes. Then depending on your chosen finishes will screed the floor and and carry out any internal plastering and if appropriate external rendering.

Finally we carry out our secondary electrical and plumbing second fixes, clean the conservatory from top to bottom in readiness for you to take occupation.


This form of installation is where you might want to use your own builders.

It is always best even if using your own builders, before commencing work to invite the company who will be carrying out the upper structure to be part of the planning process, even before a shovel is put into the ground. Any problems that could crop up later once the building work has been completed can be avoided along with any subsequent extra expense. By involving us at the beginning we can advise as to the best way the structure should be built so that the aesthetics of the conservatory are correctly optimised.

2 (a) Initial Building Work Not Started

The cost of supplying and installing the upper structure will be agreed between ourselves and you the customer. We will carry out our first (building) survey to ensure that the proposed conservatory has been planned and designed correctly and accordingly offer any advice we think may be necessary. After the survey we will draw up a base plan and liase with your builders sending them copies of the base plan and generally advise.

Following your builders construction of the initial building works, we will then carry out a second (manufacturing) survey. The upper structure will be made at our factory a. We will then deliver and install the upper structure,  leaving it water tight. We will clean the upper structure down. This will be the end of our involvement and the conservatory is ready for your builders to finish any secondary building works.

2 (b) Initial Building Work already completed

In the instances where the initial building work has already been completed, our first appointment will be to carry out a manufacturing survey. Once this has been done and the design agreed, following manufacture we will supply and install the  new structure, leaving it clean, tidy and watertight for your builders to return and complete their works.

We are currently updating our building and installation prices, however if in the meantime you would like to View our DIY & Trade Conservatory Offers call us on 0800 567  7419 tell us the conservatory you are interested in and we will give you a fairly accurate price to supply and install the complete structure or if you prefer just the upper structure. Of course any prices given over the telephone are always subject to survey.