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Global Glass operates state of the art dedicated double and triple glazing lines to ensure maximum efficiency

 Global Glass operates state of the art dedicated double and triple glazing lines to ensure maximum efficiency

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to ensure the very best in product quality and service.

Total quality control is carried out using two basic principles: building-in quality at every stage and continually improving quality standards in order to achieve optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

Insulated glass unit (IGU) manufacturing for windows, doors and conservatories is all undertaken on-site at a specialist Global Glass plant in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. This ensures quality control of manufactured products, stock, cost base management, reliability of supply chain

materials and, even more importantly for customers, precise management of price, lead times and product availability.

The IGU assembly process is automated and testing is computerised to ensure a consistently high quality product. With investment in the latest technologies and modern machinery, Global Glass delivers products which are consistent in quality.

Toughening plantGlobal Glass siteOperational processes are constantly reviewed to reduce waste, diagnose potential problems and identify solutions quickly and systematically.The Global Glass team continually works towards improving quality management practices to:

  • Achieve and improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve and innovate working methods
  • Increase efficiency and reduce both waste and cost
  • Ensure high levels of corporate care and responsibility

Insulated glass units

Choosing a sealed glass unit manufacturer is a critical decision. Consumers are increasingly demanding higher energy ratings to keep their homes warmer and heating bills lower.

Combining energy efficient frames and glass is crucial to delivering overall window thermal performance. Whether the BFRC Window Energy Rating scheme or FENSA U-value rating is selected as the route to technical compliance, Global Glass is the supplier of choice for thermally efficient sealed units. Whatever the rating required, Global Glass has the IGU products to meet energy efficiency needs. With Argon or Krypton glass-filled cavities and warm edge spacer bar options, Global Glass can deliver a range of thermal

Double glazed units

Double glazed units
Double glazed sealed unit construction options are aluminium spacer bar, warm-edge spacer bar or a warm-edge super spacer bar (which is ideal for non-rectangular roof glass), with either 2 part or butyl hot-melt secondary seals depending on specification.

Vertical sliding sash windows are typically glazed with 24mm DG units (4:16:4). Domestic specification casement windows/doors and conservatory roofs are typically glazed with 28mm DG units (generally 4:20:4, although a range of pane and airgap configurations are available including 6:16:6 and 6:18:4).

performance solutions to satisfy customer requirements.
Global Glass employs a continuous improvement policy to ensure that both manufacturing technology and production standards are optimised.

This policy has already seen investment in state-of-the-artgas filling technology, improved toughening facilities, inspection systems and logistics. Further strategic investments in both technology and processes will be deployed as Global Glass intends to lead the way in advanced glass manufacturing technology.

Global Glass constantly strives to find new ways to design, produce and deliver market leading IGU products.

Triple Glazed Units

Triple glazed units
Triple glazed sealed unit construction options are aluminium spacer bar, warm-edge spacer bar or a warm-edge super spacer bar, with either 2 part or butyl hot-melt secondary seals depending on specification.

Domestic specification casement windows/doors can be optionally glazed with 36mm TG units (4:12:4:12:4) or 40mm TG units (4:14:4:14:4), according to the system specified

Glass types

The Global Glass range of low maintenance and solar control glasses are a perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate in glass solutions

Low maintenance glass
A revolutionary low maintenance coating is applied to the glass as part of the manufacturing process, which means that it is fused to the surface of the glass and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane. The coating uses the rain and natural light from the sun to efficiently combat the dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window. By reducing the need for manual cleaning, low maintenance glass provides an ideal and safe solution for keeping hard to reach or hazardous glazed surfaces clean.How does it work? There are two processes. Firstly, the special coating harnesses the natural daylight which triggers the breakdown of the dirt and grime on the outside of the glass and secondly, when the rainwater hits the glass, rather than forming droplets, it flattens and spreads out across the surface of the glass helping to wash away the dirt and grime. This sheeting effect also minimises spots and streaks by helping the glass to dry more quickly and evenly.

Normal GlassLow Maintenance Glass• Permanent low maintenance coating lasts the lifetime of the window
• Perfect for areas that are hard to clean
• Glass stays cleaner for longer
• Less dirt and grime adheres to the window so any cleaning is quick
• Reduced window cleaning costs
• Less frequent use of cleaning materials so kinder on the environment
• Available in a range of tint colours

Solar coated glass
Solar coated glass can be used on windows, doors and most commonly on conservatory roofs to help prevent
the build-up of heat during the hot summer months. The coating on the glass helps reflect heat from the sun back to the outside atmosphere, giving a more comfortable and useable living space. The glass is available in a range of tints which allows the glass to absorb more heat, whilst the coating reflects heat back to the outside.

Clear GlassBlueAquaBronze

Glass Roof

• Solar coating reflects heat back to the outside
• Tinted glass absorbs heat
• Tint & coating together absorbs & reflects heat for optimum comfort

Low E glass
Low E glass has a microscopic metal coating which reflects central heating back into the room. DG units incorporating this specially coated glass offer up to 33% better insulation than conventional insulated glass units, to keep homes warmer and reduce heating bills.

Global Glass can supply a wide range of colours and coatings to suit each project, including clear and patterned glass types, Low-E glass in a range of tinted colours, low maintenance glass and Argon or Krypton gas-filled options.

Energy efficiency

Spacer bars
Dividing glass panes in a sealed DG or TG unit, the spacer bar is bonded to glass panes creating an airtight cavity which is then filled with air or gas, as specified. To prevent condensation the spacer bar is filled with a desiccant to absorb any moisture. The spacer bars are manufactured from either aluminium or a low heat conductive material and are important in the achievement of energy ratings.
Global Glass offers a choice of:Aluminium Spacer Bars

  • Durable
  • Light
  • Flexible

Warm Edge Spacer Bars

  • Thermal Performance
  • Reduced Condensation
  • Highly Pliable

Gas Filling

Gas FillingAir currents between sealed IGU glass panes carry heat to the top of the unit and settle into cold pools at the bottom. Filling this space with a less conductive, more viscous, or slow-moving gas minimizes the convection currents within, reducing conduction through the gas and the overall transfer of heat between inside and outside.

Global Glass offer Argon and Krypton gas fills, with measurable improvement in thermal performance. Argon is inexpensive, non-toxic, non-reactive, clear, and odourless. Krypton is non-toxic, non-reactive, clear, and odourless and delivers better thermal performance than Argon, but is more expensive. Krypton gas filling is particularly useful when slimline, high-performance bespoke sealed units with smaller airgaps are required.

Window Energy Ratings
Window Energy Ratings (WER) are design simulations that can accurately calculate how energy-efficient a specified window will be in use. The WER system is based on a scale of A-G, with A-rated windows being the most energy-efficient. Up to 25% of heat within homes escapes through windows, so consumers are increasingly demanding A-rated windows to retain domestic heat and lower energy bills. WER 




A Window Energy Rating and label applies to a whole window (frame and glass) rather than the frame or glass components individually. A combination of multi chambered PVC-U window frame profile, spacer bar and high performance glass will create the most thermally efficient project solution. Door Set Energy Rating (DSER) calculations provide similar thermal evaluations for doors.

Warm Edge Spacer BarGlobal can provide expert advice to assist in all aspects of WER and DSER specification, with simulations carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO10077-2.